Modelling Portfolio Photography

VB Creative Photography’s model shoot is a little bit different. In addition to helping established and aspiring models to build modelling portfolio with a library of professional quality photographs, it also provides an education about how you can best present yourself in front of the camera.

This is a service offered on a one-to-one basis by Vaishakhi, who will help you with body positioning and posing techniques, facial expressions and the best ways of demonstrating personality and ‘attitude’. The session looks at how to develop a unique style and how to ensure it works with both high key and low key studio photography. Mastering these arts is a vital step towards becoming a successful and ‘marketable’ professional model.

We also work with bridal studios (such as ZBridal Studio in Preston, Blackburn and Bradford) and MUAs to build their portfolios.

We produce portfolio pictures that you will be proud to show and that will help equip you to launch your own business. To discuss our various packages, please get in touch.

See our modelling portfolio photography.