17 Jul Outdoor Portrait Photo Shoot

As summer is finally upon us, we went out for outdoor photo shoot with my lovely and beautiful model – Katie. We arrange having a outdoor shoot in the beautiful Ashley park in Chorley – walking in the woods and grass. This allows plenty of opportunity to get a wide range of different styles of photograph with natural light.

We started our photo shoot with taking pictures of the Katie at the tree where we had gorgeous natural light and sun glare behind her, giving an amazing orange glow on her hair. This glow effect complimented her so well with her skin tone and white dress. During the shoot, I guided Katie to have few shoots facing against camera to give that candid look pictures. She was very friendly and accommodating to all the instructions I provided. Here are few shoots with sun behind her.

Outdoor Photo Shoot

Outdoor Photo Shoot

After that, we walk around and found a fountain which we can use as a background to take some pictures of Katie. It was a great experience as we asked Katie to jump in the bushes to get the picture closer to the fountain. As sun was about to set during that time, we used speed light to give spot light effect on Katie showing her crystal clear skin tone. This is very easy effect to create by keeping your speed light on the tripod next to the model. Thanks to Katie for being so sporty with our demands.


Outdoor Photo Shoot


As we have seen before, shade is your friend for outdoor lighting. It kills the direct sunlight, and leaves you with diffuse light that is several stops darker. The lower quantity and more diffuse quality of the light both work very well when it comes to combining the ambient with flash.

Here’s my favourite shot with beautiful fountain in the background.

Outdoor Photo Shoot

Unlike the limitations and rigidness of studios, the great outdoors allows us to produce timeless lively memories and outdoor photographs that allow your clients’ character and personalities to shine through.

Hope you have found the above information useful.

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