24 Nov Pentland Wholesale Photo Shoot

Pentland Wholesale is one of the market’s leading providers of great value, commercial refrigeration & catering equipment for trade customers. Pentland Wholesale has built its reputation on outstanding customer service, fantastic value and reliability; sourcing over 700 products lines from national & international manufacturers.

The Pentland Wholesale wanted to publish a catalogue with list of catering equipments. One of their catering manufacturers – Blizzard provides a wide range of catering equipment. In order to produce the catalogue, they were looking for a commercial photographer to take professional images of all the equipments.

It commissioned VB Creative to visit the warehouse to take high resolution photos of its new Blizzard range of upright refrigerators and freezers. Challengingly, the units all had stainless steel surfaces, which inevitably produced potentially unsightly reflections. Normally, this would be solved by shooting in an empty white studio but shooting them in the warehouse required very careful positioning of lights, camera and subjects and the use of portable screens to avoid reflections.

The shoot was organised at a very short notice as they wanted to produce catalogue at an exhibition to introduce new range. All the products were stainless steel with very reflective surface making the shoot very challenging and interesting for VB Creative Photography.


Pentland Wholesale Commercial Photography

Due to the size of the equipment, they wanted to organise the shoot at their warehouse. In order to take pictures of reflective products, the ideal place is to have four white walls to avoid any reflection on the subject. But as the shoot was organised at the warehouse, the room had only one white wall and rest of the space was used to store other equipment. Another challenge to face!

As I started to set up my studio, I realised that the space was not sufficient or ideal for reflective objects like stainless steel double door refrigerator. I set up two studio lights in front and tried to cover the surrounding with white boards to avoid the reflection on the subject. After playing around with several options, I managed to get to the stage where I can avoid the reflection to the minimum. Nevertheless, the project was a great success.

With the great help and support from Sahida who works in the marketing department, I managed to produce the images for their catalogue. It was a pleasure for VB Creative Photography, to be part of such a growing company and produce professional images for their catalogue. See: http://www.pentlandwholesale.co.uk. Please click here to view our product photography portfolio.

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