21 Jan Professional Headshots at Preston Marriott Hotel

In Autumn 2019, I had the pleasure of photographing professional headshots with Libby and her team at the Preston Marriott Hotel. As there were nearly 20 staff members, I arranged my mobile studio at one of the meeting rooms at the Preston Marriott where I was greeted with hot latte by Libby to kick start the photoshoot. The staff members were very welcoming and managed to clear the room for me to set up the studio and lights.

Once the studio was set up, Libby had very well organised her team members in the slot of 20 mins to come for their headshots. All her staff members were very friendly and approachable which helped me to make them comfortable in front of the camera to bring their true personality out in the images. When it comes to professional headshots, people try to be more serious without the smile which brings false impression of their personality. Hence, I asked them to be relax and enjoy the shoot as they would do when they go out.

After few hours, I managed to finish the photoshoot and was well pleased with the outcome. When I sent the online gallery to Libby for their staff to select the pictures, they were delighted and happy with their pictures.

Being in digital world, it’s very vital to have a great headshot of you and your staff members. Think that when prospective clients look up your business, they’re not just looking at what you do, they’re looking at who you are.

We’ve all heard the old saying you’re not getting a second chance to make a first impression, and it’s very much still real now. The easiest and fastest way to make a great first impression with your audience is a professional headshot (executive headshot, business headshot or business portrait). Your target market tends to buy from established individuals or businesses. Before you ever meet them, it’s easy to build trust and relationships in your customer’s mind today.

Professional Headshot5

Professional Headshot4

Professional Headshot3


Libby Blackwell, the sales leader at Preston Marriott recommended our services for professional headshots and said ” Thank you so much to Vaishakhi Chhotai-Doshi for creating such professional headshots for myself and the managers and Preston Marriott. They look so brilliant, I would absolutely recommend her services for any corporate shots you need.”

Professional Headshot2

Professional Headshot1


We would love to help make sure your first impressions speak authentically to your unique qualities, so give us a call and learn more about creating a professional headshot with VBC Photography. Call us on 07964 314190 or email us on info@vbcphotography.co.uk.

Hope you enjoying viewing some of the images from the Preston Marriott Professional Headshots.

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