31 Mar Breaking into celebrity photo shoot

I am so excited and thrilled to share my experience of the very first photo shoot with a celebrity – who is none other than Jonny Bairstow – Yorkshire and England cricketer.

As soon as I was approached by an agency to organise the shoot with Jonny Bairstow, I was overwhelmed and wanted to grab this opportunity and make the most of it by taking great photographs that will help to enhance the Uvistat sun care range products that Jonny Baristow was the brand ambassador of.

Jonny Baristow

I believe it is very essential that I make myself calm and confident for the shoot so I can make Jonny Bairstow feel comfortable. I took time to listen to my client’s requirement to ensure they are relaxed and can develop a good connection with the camera.

The shoot was arranged in the industrial area of Yorkshire rather than at the cricket club to avoid any disturbance so Jonny Bairstow can concentrate on the shoot. He had a very busy schedule and he was only available for the afternoon.

I, along with my graphic designer, reached early in order to set up the studio and keep everything ready for Jonny Bairstow to arrive at the venue. Once everything was set, I was getting even more anxious to start the photo shoot and produce amazing pictures through my lens and creativity.

Soon after the setup, Jonny Bairstow arrived. I thought being a celebrity, he would just come in and provide some poses as he feel comfortable with it. But on the contrary, he came with two sets of clothes that I can shoot in order to produce more pictures to choose from. He was so down to earth, very calm and friendly. I explained him what we will be doing and he was all set to go with the flow.

We started to test few shots and few with Uvistat sun care range products and then the atmosphere changed as we all came up with various ideas as how we can produce various shoots. He was so patient and generous. As Jonny Bairstow had previous worked as a brand ambassador of other products, he shared his thoughts and suggestions for this photo shoot which helped to produce amazing pictures on the day.

We all were very pleased with the pictures we got with Jonny Bairstow. I couldn’t thank him enough for his support and kindness. Unfortunately, due to legal aspect of this project I am not allowed to promote his pictures for my portfolio for now but I can certainly share the picture that was taken with him. More pictures can be found on http://www.uvistat.com/html/jonnybairstow.html.


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